Bear Opener / Tree Stands

Tree Stand

This opening bear / archery thing is just about the most fickle type of hunting you could ever experience.  Sure, the bear are hitting the bait consistently a week before the season... then the season opens and they disappear ?  My baits turned ice-cold just at the tail-end of the last week before the September 1st opener.  My guess is some other hunter has convinced the resident bear that his bait was much more appealing than mine.  It's too bad because things were really looking "up" during late August.

Tree Stands

Now is the time to turn our attention to setting  up our portable tree stands before the Whitetail Opener in just a week or so.  The daytime temperatures and humidity have been so bad lately that I don't hang any more than three stands per outing just because you get so doggone worn out in this heat.  Accidents usually happen when you "push the envelope"... stick to doing what you are comfortable with and no more.


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