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I can offer you an unforgettable morning on the water complete with the best equipment available and top notch fishing expertise. This guided experience is a very personalized event that is tailored to education and on-the-water, hard-core fishing that will teach you the basics and beyond.

This will be an intense day on the water and you will end the trip with a vast sense of accomplishment and new tips and tactics you never knew existed!

Because fishing is a daily event for me, I am working my lakes all over the state and following the best action as they peak on the various bodies of water. 30 years of guiding has taught me to be on certain bodies of water on specific times of the year. This means I have hot bites going almost all year by leapfrogging lakes and following the trends.

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Carl Bergquist of Bergquist Companies of Chanhassen, Minnesota

"We have done 25 trips a season for many years as a "perk" for our employees. This is the best money we have ever spent!"

Insurance Brokers of Anoka - President Gary Sorenson

"I have found the on-the-water experience with Steve a fun and enjoyable way to bond and connect with my best customers"

Andrew Neuvirth

Thank you for having the fishing trip gift for one of the company's benefits. This year (2008) I was one of the lucky winners of this gift. I invited my father-in-law to come with me. We fished on the St. Croix River; it was a beautiful morning with clear skies and a cool breeze. We caught just a few, but what we lacked in quantity we gained in quality. Steve our guide was surprised that I stayed calm reeling in a big fish. Well I do get excited, just more so on other sports.

Steve Carney Fishing Guide Client
Steve Carney Fishing Guide Client
Steve Carney Fishing Guide Client
Steve Carney Fishing Guide Client


  • Mississippi River: A good smallmouth bass fishery that is very reliable if you can navigate the water.  Access largely depends on the water levels and time of the season.
  • St. Croix River: Excellent walleye, sauger and smallmouth fishing especially during the hot, summer months.  Trolling crankbaits at fast speeds catches a ton of fish while the inland lakes suffer from the mysterious "dog days!"
  • Mille Lacs: The best walleye choice in central Minnesota.  This lake has been "on fire" the last two seasons. Come and experience the mid-lake mudlfats or the north end sand bite.  I know when and where the best spots are on this lake depending on the month of the year. If you are looking for a wall- hanger... venture no further.
  • Lake Minnetonka: Certainly not my first choice, but I will take you there if you insist ! The heavy recreational traffic makes fishing a bit tougher and the personal comfort is certainly affected.  Walleyes, bass and northerns are there for the taking but expect a ton of competition from the fishing legions... this is the protypical city lake of course.
  • Vermilion: Everybody's favorite lake in northern Minnesota. Probably the finest Muskie fishing available and not too shabby on walleyes too.  The smallmouth bass fishing is excellent with more "numbers" than size.
  • Wright County: I spend a lot of time in the Wright County area and have found a number of lakes that are good choices during the early part of the season.  We go there when the time is right.
  • Itasca County: A number of times a season I get to the Itasca County area for trips on the great walleye lakes in the area such as Cutfoot Sioux, Lake Winnibigoshish and Bowstring.  There are countless lakes to numerous to mention.
  • My Secrets: Yes, as with most guides... I have my secret little, out-of-the-way spots that are close to the metro area that give up walleyes rather consistently.  These little gems have been found by my time on the water and exploration and Chinese Water Torture couldn't drag it out of me.  I save these spots, both bass and walleyes, for those special people that really need a fishing "fix!"
  • Your Lake of Choice: I do a number of gigs every year on lakes I have never been on.  This is the ultimate challenge and I welcome it !  Have a cabin on a lake that is puzzling you ?  Let me help you solve the puzzle... HAVE BOAT - WILL TRAVEL!
Steve Carney Fishing Guide Client

What's Included

  • 18 Ft Lund PRO V, 90HP Mercury Motor
  • Quality Rods and Reels
  • The Most Effective Lures and Tackle


  • 2 People for 1/2 Day (6:00 AM to 11:00 AM)
    $440.00 (Hours are adjustable)

Be Sure To Bring...

  • Clothing Appropriate for the Weather Conditions
  • Good Sunglasses (polarized if possible)
  • Sun Screen Lotion
  • Snacks or Beverages of Your Choice

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