When I was in grade school, my Dad would drop me off at Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis and I would spend the day wandering the shorelines, fishing and spelunking. At 5 PM my Dad would pick me up on the way back home to Hopkins. Back then I knew I am the “hunter/gatherer” type person.  

Fast forward to today, I am a resident of Ottertail County and made the move about 5 years ago. After guiding in the 5-county metro area for over 25 years, I had enough of the congested lakes, poor water quality and lousy fishing and decided to make the move to a wonderful part of our state. I now have access to over 1100 quality fishing lakes on my doorstep, which means no more 4-hour road trips anymore! 

I am still active with Outdoor News and am now entering my 36th year of writing weekly columns. Never missed a deadline in 36 years. Also along the way, my association with WCCO Radio 830AM continues with weekly segments every Saturday at 4:10 PM. This will be my 32nd year contributing to WCCO. I also am now affiliated with WDAY Radio and AM1100 TheFlag radio here in the northwest and have weekly segments on both.  AM1100 TheFlag segments are Thursday mornings at 8:10 AM and WDAY segments are at 7:10 AM on Fridays.  

Every day I give thanks for being here in Ottertail County.  In my humble opinion, this section of Minnesota is the last great area with excellent fishing and hunting. We still have good water, lots of wildlife habitat and great opportunities for world-class crappies, bluegills and walleyes. 

I was put on this earth to spread the joy of the outdoors and watch people embrace what I experience every day of the week… this is what I was born to do.

Come on up and see why I live here… it’s awesome!

Steve Carney poses with a fish he caught in northern Minnesota